Pay Per Click Account Management

Successful pay-per-click account management offers fantastic financial returns and brand-building opportunities for your organisation

Click Trick Media has been using web 2.0 formats to extend the Public relations and financial conversions for businesses all over the world. With Offices in the UK and New York, our ability to move with the ever changing Pay Per Click search market across both sides of the Atlantic, has kept us and our clients at the forefront of search engine ecommerce for almost 10 years.

What is Pay Per Click Marketing or PPC Marketing & Management?

PPC marketing is a search engine based format of sponsored link marketing which allows advertisers to bid for key areas of search engine result pages. If effectively managed, you can track your return on investment, understand your cliental and increase your business profile by using this online channel.

Why Choose a Pay Per Click Agency to set up or manage your account?

There are many benefits in choosing to work with Click Trick Media for your Pay Per Click marketing strategies and we understand how to run effective Pay Per Click marketing campaigns. We know the benefits of diluting keywords, experimenting with your adverts and key words in order to produce cheaper bids. We know that by increasing quality scores and effectively using the Google content network as well as the search partners right across the network will also bring benefits such as more site visits resulting in more conversions.

Understanding what keywords are needed for successful PPC Marketing?

We have many tools for understanding and collating keywords that are incremental to your business and have applications that are based on data within all industries. This gives us amazing guidelines into what keywords are necessary to produce effective pay per click in order to produce new business and conversions to your organisation. Our ability to market your brand using tools like “Insights for keywords” and many others will ensure the correct key words are being used at the right times of the year within any industry sector. There are also all the search engine channels that can be covered by using our service such as Yahoo, MSN, Google and the search network and many others, all of which can be used to produce more sales or PR for your company.

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