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What is the Social Network?

Currently there are over 6 billion blogs and at present Facebook has more page views than Google.

The social network has become a total phenomenon on the web and has revolutionised how we socialise, how we communicate and how we share our lives and experiences with new people and friends.

The social network comprises of Facebook, My Space, Bebo, and YouTube and many more. It even extends into Delicious book marking where you can share your favourite sites to the online community, making search results more personal to the browser/users.

Currently to date Facebook now receives more page views a day than Google and is rapidly becoming the way we look for companies, business's and how we share experience and information on people and organisations.

Why would social networking benefit my business?

When you have a website, your main focus is getting browsers to find you and read your content. If you sit back and wait for customers to find you using one channel i.e. Google, you are reducing your chances of spreading your branding and information to other demographics and Geographic's .

By using the social network you can spread your company name and business to a wider audience for free and put your organisation on the map with the browser.

In many cases our clients have found better buying power, an increase in site visits and a spread to a bigger world wide audience leading to an increase in revenue and brand awareness.

Click Trick Media can integrate anyone of the social network sites creating back links and a direct traffic path through to your site.

How do I know this is working?

Click Trick Media can create tracking codes from your social pages and has the ability to incrementally track these back to our analytical reporting giving you a direct response, specifically measured hit report. This will show you how successfully the social networking is and what is working well.

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