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Click Trick Media have a proven track record in SEO or Search Engine Optimisation with measurable results!

With 10 years experience in web 2.0 we understand why SEO is so important. When it comes to Internet marketing strategies, we have worked with Netscape, AOL, Google, Yahoo, Mosaic, MSN and have matured as a company along with some of the engine giants.

We have a well established affiliation that has developed over the past 10 years. Our aim is to make your business visible to the world using our managers.

What is Search Engine Optimisation and why is Website Optimisation important?

Online search engine optimisation works by giving search engines like Google, key indicators that explain your business and the services you provide. Web browsers i.e. “the person searching” will type in a key word in order to bring up pages that match there query. Engines give higher rankings to relevant pages.

At Click Trick Media, we have mastered the art of search engine optimisation to provide fantastic organic positioning for our clients. We use content analysis in order to understand what search engines need from your web page. Click Trick media have the ability to organise your online indexing and link your content to a particular term or keyword.

We understand what stimulates search engines and how to produce higher hit rates and incremental clicks that correlate with your site information. This entire strategy is used to increase brand awareness. This in turn will lead to higher sales conversions and will ultimately bring more business to your organisation.

We can help you to understand your business and who your clients are by using more measured results and statistics.

With our services we offer full reporting which allows you to track our results back to key word level. We are able to give you very detailed statistics such as:

? Geographic visitor breakdown ? Click through ratios ? Pages viewed ? Traffic Sources ? Competitor Analysis ? Detailed Keywords analysis ? Page lay out experiments ? Engaged user statistics

Our reporting is given to you in a very easy to understand format. We work with you to organise this data around the future financial plans of your business . We always explain our measured statistics via Telephone calls, site visits and emails. If you would like further information regarding reporting and how this works please email

Online marketing allows you to tag all work back to the campaigns and keywords we produce. Gone are the days of unmeasured traditional marketing methods whereby you can not calculate your return on investment.

We know where the business comes from, what campaign stimulated the hits or clicks and which keywords work. Also which keywords convert business. We work alongside our clients. This enables both ourselves and our clients to know what business is working well and where your future plans fall in order to match with economic climates and seasonal trends throughout the year. In short if your keywords are not converting, we know instantly. This tracking level also includes Pay Per Click marketing statistics for more information visit Pay Per Click Account Management.

Our Search Engine Optimisation Results

Our results are fast and our ability to work to time scales, discuss conversions and understand your business are all key factors in the success full search engine optimisation. Our results are not only measured against site traffic but are also measured against conversions for example: enquiry forms, payment system sales, telephone calls and financial targets.

High ranking and effective qualified hits are the biggest results that your online business needs. Our ability to track and measure always ensures that you as the client can track the development of your online web business. Online engine market place dominance is our aim for your organisation.

Search Engine Optimisation Account Management Costs

Our costs and prices are bespoke. We need to evaluate your website as well as many other variables some of which include: website content, financial aspirations, web development, website backend architecture and many more. We never ask for long term contacts. You will be required to sign into a minimum contracted term of 4 weeks and a termination requirement of 4 weeks notified in writing.

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